A history of quality and Mexican design: Loun

A history of quality and Mexican design: Loun

A history of quality and Mexican design: Loun


In this vast universe of trends and styles emerges Loun. Its story begins in 2021 with Jimena Gonzalo Delgado, a passionate about the fashion world, who after working on several projects, decided to acquire Loun just when she was about to give birth to her second child. This was a challenging time for Jimena, as she had to balance her personal and professional life simultaneously. However, her dedication and determination were key to carrying out her vision. Now, this brand stands out for offering bags full of Mexican design and originality.


Loun: Mexican design for versatile and contemporary women

In each of its pieces, Loun always seeks to stand out with original, creative, and unique models for women who have multiple daily activities but who also like to be fashionable. You have to know this brand if you like to invest in bags with Mexican design that can be combined with day or night looks. The versatility of Loun's accessories allows you to express your personal style with elegance and sophistication, with a fun and different touch.


Mexican style and design are committed to quality and sustainability.

One of Loun's most important pillars is its artisanal approach. The crafting process is carried out from start to finish by hand, ensuring the utmost attention to detail and exceptional quality of each accessory. Loun's workshop prides itself on having a team composed mainly of hard-working women who dedicate effort to each and every piece. In addition, the brand is committed to sustainability by using durable materials and applying production techniques that reduce the impact on the environment.


Loun: Tailoring unique achievements with Mexican design

Loun has left its mark in the fashion world through its achievements and recognitions. In October 2022, the brand had the honor of participating in a prestigious fashion show together with Mulier at the Live Aqua Hotel, where its collections captivated with their originality and Mexican design. This recognition reaffirms Loun's quality and talent, opening new doors to further success. Among its star products is the pyramid-shaped DOMEKA bag, an essential piece that combines originality and functionality to stand out in any style.



Loun: Surprising the fashion world with new trends

Recently, the brand launched its new collection, which has been received with enthusiasm. Each piece in this collection, such as the elegant LUANOA, and CAIA bags, reflects the distinctive essence of Loun: unique designs, impeccable quality, and a Mexican design to stand out on any occasion. Since its inception, Loun has stood out as a distinguished brand thanks to the passion, dedication, and commitment of Jimena Gonzalo Delgado and her team.

Discover Loun's unique creations and give a distinctive touch to your style.


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